On the art of Writing


LEAVING HOME "A hypnotic account of Mexican American life in the United States"--Booklist. "A great discovery of a book and an author"--San Antonio Express News. "In the finest tradition of the Spanish and Latin American novels"--El Paso Times.
A SHROUD IN THE FAMILY "accommodates all the grandeur and scope of novels like Gabriel Garcia Marquez' ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF SOLITUDE..."Los Angeles Times. "...rich and earthy novel having many hilarious moments as Garcia poignantly illustrates the struggle of Hispanics to adapt to American culture" Publishers Weekly. "Locates Garcia squarely on the path to greatness..." Texas Commission on the Arts Magazine.
HARDSCRUB "A bracing new novel full of Mr. Garcia's sense of humor and irony..."New York Times. "Wrenching and unforgettable..."Publishers Weekly. "The voices of the children are memorable in this novel..."Booklist. "Inescapably compelling..." Austin American Statesman.
TO A WIDOW WITH CHILDREN "A sheer delight having more subplots than a
Shakespearean comedy..."Dallas Morning News. "Magical realism..."New York Times.
"In this heartwarming, humorous, and wise tale, Lionel Garcia presents...the lives of a beautiful widow, her four loving but mischievous children and stories of a memorable assortment of local residents..." Review of Texas Books, Fall, 1994.
I CAN HEAR THE COWBELLS RING "We are lucky that Garcia shares his upbringing with us..." New York Times. "A beautiful collection of Garcia's growing up period..." Dallas Morning News.


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